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Welcome to BelisleArt!

Joseph Belisle
Founder and Principal


Hello and thanks for visiting my web page! 

After working in New York and San Francisco as an art director and marketing manager I took a left turn with my career and started BelisleArt, LLC -- my own decorative painting, mural and interior design business. I produced custom art and unique interiors for restaurants, doctor’s offices, sports complexes, retail environments and homes throughout the country. It was an amazing experience where I had the privilege to work with some wonderful clients (many of whom I still count as friends today) creating one of a kind spaces -- many of which are showcased on my projects page. Some of my favorite jobs were creating fantasy children’s rooms inspired by books and stories! That experience lead me to this next chapter in my life where I'm working on writing and illustrating my own children's picture book! I hope to publish it in 2017.  I'm also teaching art to children and am being more picky about taking large-scale bookings that take me away from my eight year old daughter. If you have an interesting project in mind -- I'd happy to discuss it with you!


The following are some classes I teach to children: 

Painting Master Class for Kids 

Art History meets real-life painting where kids learn to paint like the great master artists! First class starts with an art history lesson on Cezanne, Van Gogh or Picasso then we begin to draw and paint like them. Children will finish with a large original painting that they've created in the manner of the artist we are studying. For our last class we'll travel to either the Met or the MoMA in New York City! 


Learn the basics of what makes for a great cartoon. Kids learn how to draw a human face and all its emotions. Then we move on to drawing the human body and tackle the oh-so-tricky human hand! We'll also spend time learning how to draw animals and some of their favorite cartoon characters from TV and comic books. In this class kids also learn about one and two point perspective. At the end kids put it all together when they design their very own comic strip! 


Watercolor Painting & Drawing 

In this class we'll combine both contour drawing and watercolor techniques to create beautiful, original art! Kids will get a chance to examine color, shape, line and texture in still life objects, landscapes and figurative painting. Drawing and painting both real and imagined objects, they'll learn color mixing, how to create color washes, how to create tricky perspectives, shading, blending and more.

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